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National Science Fiction Day

January 2 marks National Science Fiction Day. Enjoy the fantasy and science-fiction worlds through science fiction books, or watch a marathon of science fiction films. Isaac Asimov was the inspiration for many science fiction movies, including "2001". He explored topics as diverse as time travel and apocalyptic conflicts in his novels and short stories.

Isaac Asimov was an author who coined many terms in science fiction and fantasy. Robotics, an futuristic form artificial intelligence, was introduced by Asimov's 1941 novel, "Liar". Today we celebrate science fiction by sharing our favorite science fiction novels and writing about them.

Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov and other science fiction authors are the inspiration for many science fiction novels. The Nightfall and Foundation are a couple of his most famous works. This genre receives an entire day of celebration, as it celebrates the contributions of many writers from different fields. One example is a science fiction writer who explores the history of human behavior. You can also share your favorite stories and characters online. A picture of you reading your favorite science fiction book is a great way to express your appreciation.

His work has been appreciated by millions across the globe. Asimov was an American biochemist, who also taught at Boston University. More than 500 million copies were sold of his books. His works have become the foundations for modern science fiction. One of the most well-known works ever is "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

Here at Beetle-Go we are huge Science Fiction fans. Of course the old classics are always fun to revisit but we are always open to try new audio books and movies. You never know when you may find a new gem.

Below are a couple of opportunities to enjoy National Science Fiction Day and beyond.

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