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PhiliShui – Your outside, Inside.

PhiliShui is a lifestyle, our lifestyle. Here is a glimpse into our lifestyle.

PhiliShui weaves the concepts of Biophilic design and Feng Shui to enhance your environment and living space. We refer to Biophilic as the natural elements we place into our environment/space. We portray Feng Shui as the placement of the biophilic element/s. Utilizing these concepts centers and balances your life focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing. 


PhiliShui emphasizes on loving yourself, life, and being connected to yourself and your space. Wherever that space might be.

PhiliShui is a lifestyle. A lifestyle which you choose. Your lifestyle. Balance is key. You choose your environmental and spiritual elements. Using elements of Biophilic design and Feng Shui, we begin to craft the lifestyle we wish to live.

PhiliShui refers to a natural organized life and the love of living it. National PhiliShui Day was created to bring awareness of work/home balance. Awareness to change the standard work/home life space into a sustainable working living space. Work/life balance has been blended & strained due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Understanding natural elements like light, sunshine, fresh air, and sounds of nature are calming.


PhiliShui is a way to bring Mother Nature inside to your space.  Making your home/workspace more productive, and healthier.

When choosing what to bring into your environment/space think about pleasing references to color, patterns, textures, light, sleep, sound, water, warmth, air, and plants. Along with natural elements of wood, fire, earth, water, and metal.

PhiliShui Your inside Outside - Introducing nature sounds into your space improves mental health. Inclusion of plants into your internal environment reduces stress. The use of water elements and the incorporation of nature landscapes are mentally restorative. To enhance the balance your life you choose to incorporate as many of the following elements directly or indirectly into your environment: light, air, water, plants, animals, weather, natural landscapes, and fire.

There is no right or wrong to PhiliShui . PhiliShui is a representation of yourself and the balance of life which you choose. PhiliShui is not a lifestyle dictated to you, it is your choice on what you allow to create and place into your environment/lifes/home/workspace.

PhiliShui – Your outside, Inside. Today!


Your Outside, Inside

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