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We had the idea of starting a company that would sell original digital content and custom-made tangible goods. So we started to talk about a minimalist brand that could reflect our passions and share them with others. We are fortunate to live in an area that has four seasons.



A minimalist logo was a good choice for us, regardless of whether we sell clothing, music, firepits, or audio books. We also knew it would work well for camping packages for weekend glampers. We chose a minimalist logo, as did anyone else who wanted a unique and stylish logo. It's simple to find the perfect design for any website. A great designer will most likely provide templates with a range of fonts and colors as well as source files, logo transparencies, printable files, 3D mockups, social media kits and vector files.


The Beetle-Go logo design can be used on a variety of products. It can be used for digital merchandise, website icons and mobile app icons. It covers the four seasons we love. Beetle-Go is the retail arm for Ellisbeetle Entertainment Inc. ca 2008.

We thought it would be great to have a slogan, so we chose a catchy catchphrase to link our minimal logo to our brand.

Winter, Spring Summer, Fall. You pick your season and if you need a little help, a reason or a why to “Get up, Get Out and Go” choose Beetle-Go.

Beetle-Go - Womens Open.png
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