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Biophilic Design within PhiliShui

Biophilic, a Greek term that means "love for life". Biophilia is the human instinct to love and experience nature. Biophilia theory explains that strong relationships between humans, nature and each other are biological. Designers utilize elements of nature to create more attractive environments. Drawing from the beauty of nature and placing them within your home/office/ not only makes your environment more attractive it improves your happiness and productivity.

Erich Fromm, a psychoanalyst, introduced the term "Biophilia" for the first time in 1973. He stated that biophilia was a "passionate love of all that's alive...whether it be a person or a plant, an idea or a group."

Stephen Kellert is regarded as a pioneer in biophilic design. He has designed a framework that allows nature to be used in a way that meets human needs. His principles aim to honor and respect nature and create a multisensory urban environment. Utilizing direct and indirect interactions with nature and natural elements encourages and promotes a calming and healthy environment. Key elements to bring into your environment are light, air, water, plants, animals, weather, natural landscapes and fire.

Concentration can be improved by natural surroundings. Fresh air and sunlight can reduce stress and increases productivity. Biophilic designs can improve the appearance and functionality of your space, and promote psychological benefits such as happiness, relaxation, and energy.

Plants can easily be incorporated into biophilic designs. Plants can reduce stress and improve productivity. Biophilic design is a promising idea. While initial costs of biophilic design may be high, the long-term benefits are well worth it. However, some buildings may not be able to benefit from biophilic design. Designs can be very affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly.

By improving your indoor environment this will make your life more enjoyable and improve your productivity. Applying images of nature, natural materials, natural colors, simulations of natural light and air, naturalistic shapes, and evoking natures sound are a few ways to incorporate biophilic design.

PhiliShui combines the practices of both Biophilic Design and Feng Shui.

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