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Beetle-Go began in 2021. Beetle-Go is the retail arm of Ellisbeetle Entertainment Inc. The inception is to bundle original digital content (music, audiobooks, ebooks) coupled with quality tangible goods. Beetle-Go has created a lifestyle called PhiliShui utilizing the concepts of biophilic design and FengShui. Which to brings outside elements inside your home and/or office. PhiliShui Day is celebrated on April 13 every year. We are looking to make connections to create custom tangible goods, bundling music, and audiobooks with tangible goods. Creating partnerships. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: Get up, Get Out and Go with Beetle-Go.

Beetle-Go currently offers a music design service that creates

personalized and tailored music for your product or brand.



Music has the power to stick in our minds and that's why music jingles for products are so effective. Creating music for product campaigns can be an innovative and powerful way to bring a product to life and build branding. It takes skill, creativity, and originality to craft a catchy yet unique melody, but when done successfully can help communicate a message quickly and powerfully. Music jingles allow customers to become invested in marketing messages on a personal level, as tapping into emotions is always going to be more effective than any other form of advertising.

Please visit our playlist for an illustrative example of our potential.

 Let's connect.

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