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The Beetle-Go Calendar

Finding Interesting Every Day

The Beetle-Go Calendar is a growing collection of National Holidays that are meant to shed light on the mystifyingly strange, unknown, and interesting National Holidays.

Japanese Calendar

Be Original

As in Beetle-Go fashion we search for ways to be original by catching your ears and eyes. We decided to take a different approach in sharing our calendar. Samuel Kelly, music producer and composer, is tasked with writing original music and lyrics for nearly 260 calendar days and combining them with a video clip 30 seconds long. When completed it's just a small portion of information that might excite you to learn more.


"Like a lil tiny wine on the plane? A little deliciously smooth piece of hard candy? A dollop of salted caramel ice cream? So just a tiny musical story told in little bits."  (Samuel Kelly, 2021)

Beetle-Go Bits

Our Team

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