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Toasty and Warm: The Down Jacket by Beetle-Go

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Down Jacket
Beetle-Go Down Jacket

The Down Jacket. This type of quilted coat is filled with duck or goose feathers. These feathers create air pockets that trap warm air inside the garment. This layer acts as an insulation that keeps the wearer warm when temperatures drop.

A Down Jacket will keep you toasty and comfortable in any cold weather condition. Regardless of whether you're heading to the office, catching a great musical performance, taking a morning hike on the Canyon Nature Trail or spending a romantic evening at home sitting by your Solo Stove on your patio palace. A Down Jacket will keep you snug and warm!

So, Get up, Get out and Go. Get DOWN in your jacket with Beetle-Go.

Our Beetle-Go Down Jacket is 100% Responsible Down Standard (RDS), proper animal welfare is ensured.

Coming soon.

Sign up for your personal invite for the Beetle-Go store launch.

Down Jacket
Beetle-Go Down Jacket

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