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Our Scenario

Welcome to "National Spaces: A Visual-Music Experience," a unique concept birthed from a profound thought -

"What if the majestic essence of the great outdoors could accompany you in every facet of life?"

Imagine carrying a piece of this wilderness within your clothing, holding it in your hands, or immersing yourself in it through the harmonious strains of original music.

Our mission is more than just an idea - it's a call to action.

We aim to inspire individuals of all backgrounds to uncover and appreciate the raw, unfiltered beauty of America's National Parks, State Parks, and Outdoor Recreation embracing these natural wonders in their daily lives.

The Music


In America, there are 428 National Parks, countless number of state parks that offer breathtaking landscapes and opportunities for outdoor recreation. These parks not only serve as popular tourist destinations but also hold significant value for preserving the natural beauty and history of our country.

As a former Quantico Marine Corps Bandsmen, Samuel Kelly, had the privilege of serving his country while also pursuing his passion for music. During his time in service, he was inspired by the vastness and diversity of America's national and state parks. A trip to the Great Basin National Park led him to begin the journey creating original music compositions that celebrates these majestic locations and the outdoor activities they offer.

At present, unique original music compositions are being crafted for 60 different designs, each representing a distinct National Park, State Park, or various outdoor recreational activities.

Each song is connected  to the products listed below. 

All music will be streamed on with a QR Code for access.

Fly Fishing.png
Provo Fly FishingSamuel Kelly
00:00 / 03:49
Provo Fly Fishing Reprise Samuel Kelly
00:00 / 01:21
Stetson RangersSamuel Kelly
00:00 / 04:58
Timpanogos Ver 3Samuel Kelly
00:00 / 03:21
Buffalo Shelton (outtake 5)Samuel Kelly
00:00 / 05:15

The Tumbler

Introducing the National Spaces Tumbler - a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast! Our tumbler not only keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature, but also showcases our love for nature with its collection of State/National Parks, Monuments, and recreational activities artwork.

But that's not all - we've taken it a step further by incorporating original music composed by Samuel Kelly and Coleman Kelly, inspired by the beauty of our country's National Spaces.

  • Double-Wall

  • Vacuum Insulated

  • Clear Screw on Lid w/ Clear Straw

  • Black Screw on Flip Top Hydrosport Lid   -  Vent hole for better drinking experience

  • Comes individually boxed

  • Leakproof

  • Coated for Sublimation


  • Meticulously handmade on an individual basis.

Pricing: $45 includes tumbler and music

The Team


Michelle Kelly

Coleman Kelly

Samuel Kelly

National Spaces is more than just an awe-inspiring visual-music experience. At its core, it is a product of the collaborative efforts of The Kelly's - a power trio consisting of husband and wife, Samuel and Michelle Kelly and their son, Coleman Kelly.

Both Samuel and Michelle have been passionate about music and visual arts since they were young. As they grew up and developed their own unique styles and talents, it became clear that they were destined to create something truly special together. Their shared passion only strengthened their bond, and it wasn't long before the couple decided to combine their talents and create something truly unique.

That's when they came up with the idea for National Spaces. A visual-music experience that would not only showcase their individual skills, but also bring together different elements of art to create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

But it wasn't just about creating something beautiful - The Kelly's wanted to push boundaries and explore new ways to combine music and visuals. As such, they also took on the challenge of producing and arranging the entire experience themselves.

With their son, Coleman, joining in on the project, National Spaces truly has become a family affair. Coleman's input and expertise as a young musician has added a fresh perspective to the project, resulting in an even more dynamic and diverse final product.

Together, The Kelly's have poured their hearts and souls into every aspect of National Spaces - from the musical composition to the visual design and product development.

But for The Kelly's, National Spaces is more than just a project or a business venture - it is a reflection of their passion for music and the visual arts, and a testament to their love for each other as a family. Their unwavering determination and creative vision have not only created an unforgettable experience, but also a legacy that will continue to inspire and influence others in the world of art and music.

So, here's to The Kelly's - the brilliant minds behind National Spaces, forever leaving their mark on the world through the power of music and art.

#teamworkgoals #familygoals

Tumbler Design


Marine Corps. recruits, Samuel and Jeff, were inseparable bunkmates during their service, sharing stories, dreams, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that the Corps demanded. Through sweltering days and freezing nights, their bond, formed in the crucible of shared experiences, seemed unbreakable. But as so often happens in life, they lost touch after leaving the Corps, each following his own path, their connection limited to the memories of a shared past.

Fast forward 30 years; fate had a reunion in store. Their paths, although divergent, had led them to similar destinations. Jeff, the owner of Inkspiration Station, a custom design and print company. Samuel, on the other hand, had built a successful content creation company, Ellisbeetle Entertainment Inc. to house all his creative ideas under one umbrella.

As they rekindled their friendship, they discovered an opportunity for collaboration that would blend their respective passions. Jeff’s custom design and print company, known for its exceptional products and deliverables, could be the perfect physical complement to the content produced by Samuel’s companies. This collaboration would not only provide an enhanced musical experience for their audience but also tie the magic of music more closely to the tangible world. A new chapter of their shared journey was about to begin, once again anchored on their shared past in the Marine Corps.

The Inkspiration Station 

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